Saturday, December 18, 2010

"DANton-ten-six. 'Nurse,' he said, 'it's an appendix.'"

The line above is from the book Madeline, which all of us in this household pretty much have memorized. And it's a good thing too because, when Kevin had his appendix removed today, the kids were totally cool with it. After all, if Madeline could go through this surgery and be okay, their dad could too, right? No big deal.

We wouldn't have woken up today and planned this, but we see God's hand in it and are grateful for how he protected Kevin. He had an excellent surgeon. They caught it and performed the appendectomy before it ruptured. It happened now, and not on Christmas Day. Kevin's dad was able to take him to the ER this morning. A good friend watched the kids for me when I found out Kevin would go into surgery. We have a lot to be grateful for!

When I saw him after surgery, Kevin was pretty groggy. When the grogginess wore off, he was in high-spirits and pain free.

The kids can't wait to see his scar when he comes home tomorrow!


Heather L. said...

That's so great that the kids know all about it from Madeline!!! :) Also glad that it wasn't Christmas day!!

Carrie said...

Oh my! Well, there's a Christmas adventure that you can be thankful is over and done with before Christmas day. And thank you, Lord, for all of the provisions along the way! Glad Kevin is ok.

Melissa said...

that's something me and Kevin have in common! i had mine out when i was 5!

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