Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Future Author, Perhaps?

If there is a spare moment, you can find Meredith writing or drawing. Here she is with a makeshift desk:

She dedicated her first book to Clara. Sweet.

Her second book--a novel entitled "A Bunny Who Is Fluff" was dedicated to Sophia (spelled "Sofeu" because everything is spelled phonetically at this point).

This one needs a little bit of translation--it says: "Illustrated by Mer and Mom."

Sharing a first draft with her dad:


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Anonymous said...

Someday I will be going to Barnes
& Noble to be put on a waiting list
for her first novel...G Ma S

Queen of Carrots said...

How fun!

The ducklings are addicted to little books I make for them: fold a few pieces of paper in half, then slit half of them along the spine for all but the last inch on either end and the other half slit just the last inch on either end. Then take the "end-slit" pages, fold loosely in half to fit through the "middle slits," open out, and you have a book! (Or, in our case, dozens of them.)

~ PragyaN ~ said...

that's really sweet!