Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Motherhood, failing, and forgiving …

Today we had a stressful short period of time where typically-sweet Meredith showed her ugly sin nature and was really mean to both me and Clara. It resulted in several disciplinary actions but I felt like there was no good resolution.

About ten minutes after the storm ended, Meredith meekly came up to me and handed me a sheet of paper with a handwritten note.


Translation: “Mommy. I’m sorry for being bad, mommy.”

I’ve taught Meredith how to read. Now I need to teach her how to spell. But what is more important than either of those things is the development of her inward character. I was very touched by her true attitude of repentance.

How could I not instantly forgive and love her after a note like that?

I tell my kids a lot that, although I expect them to be good, I will love them no matter what they do. Always. Period. Some days unconditional love is harder than others. But I think one of the biggest blessings of family is being part of a group of people where you are able to repeatedly fail, be forgiven, and be loved no matter what.


Rachelle said...

I've realized lately that more than having "good" kids, I want my children to recognize that they are not good early on and that the only way that can be rectified is through the Cross of Jesus. But sometimes it is hard to want that in practicality. :) It is precious when their hearts are quick to repent.

Monica said...

A note like that is priceless. May there be many more of those in the days to come. At one point (I should do this again) I used to write my kids similar notes when I had a bad day.