Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lately ...

A recent trip downtown, to meet Kevin for lunch. The girls love their daddy! Clara is especially impressed with all the sights and sounds of downtown.

I got a new do. This time I had the stylist give me some really light highlights. I like it a lot, although I like being a brunette just as well too. Kevin likes it. Maybe I'll keep it for a while. Also, notice the new paint color in our living room. Most of my spare time lately has been spent painting. We have a lot of white walls in our house. I'm ready for more color in my life, apparently. :)

MOPS has started up again! I'm a table leader this year. At a recent leadership retreat, we had this wild and crazy scavenger hunt. Here are four of us posing for a picture in a stranger's shower. I felt 15 again. It was nice.

I put Meredith in the bathtub, turned on the jets, and then left for five minutes. When I returned, this is exactly what I'd found. She got out of the tub and was waiting for me in her bathrobe.
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