Thursday, August 20, 2009

Autumn around the bend ...

Summer is coming to a close and I can hardly believe it. I was in denial until I saw school supplies on sale at Target.

Speaking of school, I can also no longer deny that I am a homeschool mom, even if it’s only preschool. I have officially plunked down a large sum of money for preschool curriculum. This year we opted for Sonlight curriculum and will likely use a few workbooks here and there. Meredith is super excited and keeps asking when she can do her school work. I keep telling her she has to wait until after Labor Day. But I’m glad she’s so anxious.

And I totally copied a friend from church and bought a big crate to keep all of Meredith’s school books and activities in. Here you have it:

The potty training is still going remarkably well. There are a few accidents here and there but they are becoming fewer and farther between. And Clara is staying dry at nights too!

Meredith found some funny wigs in the basement the other day and was having fun with it. She makes a cute blondie, eh?

Here are some more flowers from my garden. With being sick a lot this summer and being so busy lately I feel that there is very little I do that is beautiful and creative. But when I see these flowers it just makes me really happy. It's a very small thing but it's something. And I love it.
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Heather L. said...

Your flowers are so nice! i especially like those sunflowers -- they make a nice focal point.

Kelly said...

Yes, flowers help.